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10 keys to project security

10 keys to project security


10 keys to project security

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A confident person attracts more opportunities than someone who is not. Those who are confident in themselves know their abilities and expound them, while those who are not will have so many fears that they will prevent them from demonstrating their virtues. Being confident people can open many doors for us , from getting a job to undertaking a project without fear of failure. Even in the toughest times, safety will help us get back on our feet and carry out successful projects. I know from experience that when things seem to be not going very well, thinking positively about our abilities helps us understand that if something failed, it is not because of a lack of ability, but because that is what life consists of: undertaking, failing, get up and win. All entrepreneurs fail at some point. Not being afraid to fail is a characteristic of confident people. How to become safe people? Although for many it is not an easy task, we can become confident people by following some very simple steps. According to the French psychologist Émile Coué, if we repeat over and over again “I am a safe person” we will end up believing it and acting as such, because the mind is capable of producing a preconditioned command when required. If we are safe, we will transmit that feeling to others and they will also end up believing it. However, it is not enough just to believe that we are safe: we must also work with our image so that it transmits that security to others. According to various studies, people who know how to project a correct image are hired more quickly than those who do not care about it … and they even tend to receive better salaries. These are some keys to project security through your posture and image: 1. Tone of voice. In the business world, a proper tone of voice is the key to conveying confidence. It’s important to be heard, but speaking too loudly could convey arrogance. Conversely, speaking very quietly could make you lose credibility. 2. Diction. When it comes to engaging in conversations with others, it is best to speak slowly . Not pronouncing words well can be an indicator of insecurity; It gives the impression that we do not believe what we say, and the listener will notice it causing the message to be lost. 3. Gestures. Gestures are an essential part of body language, as they lead to endless misinterpretations. When we do not understand a topic we can make it known with gestures: opening our eyes a lot is a sign that we are not understanding, closing our lips with force transmits tension or that we try to maintain control of ourselves. 4. Smile. This is one of the most important elements of non-verbal communication. Smiling naturally projects calmness, self-confidence, and the ability to socialize. Be careful: do not smile all the time or you will run the risk of transmitting falsehood. 5. Greeting. When you arrive at a place it is essential to greet everyone present, whether you know them or not. Come over, introduce yourself and offer them your hand. 6. Posture. Sitting upright will convey confidence. On the contrary, looking towards the ground or bending your shoulders will make you look like a person who does not believe in yourself. 7. Walked. Moderate your step. A person who walks very fast may appear desperate , scared, or stressed. A confident person walks straight and at a good pace. 8. Way of sitting. Sit upright and avoid moving every two seconds. Moving your feet, hands, or constantly changing your mind transmits insecurity and nervousness. 9. Clothes. Make sure to wear clean clothes that are well-matched and appropriate for the occasion. Avoid flashy accessories: you don’t want them to steal the attention of your interlocutors. 10. Look. When addressing someone, always look them in the eye. The same when someone else addresses you. Avoid looking at the ground or at some point lost in space. Remember to always look for congruence between what you are and what you transmit. The image must go hand in hand with the abilities that are possessed, hence the need to learn to show this to others through the correct handling of the image. About the Author: Luigina Campos has more than 5 years of experience in personal and business image consulting. She is an active member of the International Association of Image Consultants, and owner of the website A la moda con Luigina .

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