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9 Signs You Should (Maybe) Quit Your Job Now

9 Signs You Should (Maybe) Quit Your Job Now


9 Signs You Should (Maybe) Quit Your Job Now


Are you stuck pondering if you should leave your current position or just hang in there? Consider these key signals.

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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

It’s not uncommon for employees to have a bad day or two — or even a bad week. And it’s pretty common for the average person to gripe about a boss or coworker from time to time. But how can you tell if it’s just “one of those days” or something more serious?

I’ve quit several jobs in my life. I left my first job in an epic way, tearing off my uniform and walking out of a bagel shop after a stupid dispute with a boss. I don’t really recommend walking out on a job, but everyone should know when to quit. While leaving a position can present an inconvenience to your personal life, it may be the best option for your long-term satisfaction.

At my very last job I recognized that I needed to quit when my desires to become an entrepreneur overpowered my wishes for a stable paycheck. Indeed many entrepreneurs realize over and over they should leave their job but the financial security it provides often keeps them firmly entrenched. I understand this totally as I’ve been there. Save your money wisely so you can become the entrepreneur you want to be if that’s your dream.

Pay attention to the following nine signals. They can help guide you in gaining clarity about whether it’s time for you to quit your job and start your next adventure.    

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