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Amileader – a robust platform to develop your business on the Internet

Amileader - a step-by-step guide for taking your business to the Web


Amileader – a robust platform to develop your business on the Internet

At the end of the last century, many people were skeptical about Bill Gates’ quote, “If your business is not on the Internet then your business will be out of business”. These days, 30 years later, this is an inflexible rule and arguing it only means losing money. For those who have made the only right choice – to promote their companies and products on the Web – there is the unique system Amileader’. Its creators are the team of top specialists of the international advertising company Amillidius. They know how to take any business online, regardless of its scale and industry.

Amileader – a key to sales growth and higher income

Business, utilizing Amileader, conquers the Internet

Using Amileader is ever topical for business today. During the global lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many entrepreneurs experienced themselves how right Bill Gates was. Over 30% of those focused on the off-line mode of the business alone, ran aground. Whilst those who secured their place in the online space survived. They realized it perfectly well that not using Internet opportunities for their business development would mean giving an edge to their competitors. Why? Because the information, received from Google, has long become one of the key factors of the decisions about making a purchase. If the search engine does not know your company, a consumer will have no trust in it. And no trust means no sales and therefore no profit. What is more, to “tame” Google without a clear algorithm of your actions and a team of professionals is almost impossible – this will lead to technical errors, loss of time and money. Amileader will help you with the task of “reclaiming” the Internet within a short period of time and with minimal investments.

Amileader Start, Amileader Standard, and Amileader Premium – the Internet promotion for any budget

From Amileader Start to Amileader Premium - from the basic package to the advanced solutions

The team of AC Amillidius has systematized their many-years experience of the Internet promotion of their customers’ businesses and integrated it into the Amileader system. Using Amileader enables you to turn Google into a reliable ally by saturating it with selling information about your company, good, or service, and making it show this information at the top of the search results. Step-by-step, the well-coordinated work of the article writers, designers, SEO- and PR-specialists bring you closer to the goal. What also helps to achieve the desired results is the partnership with the search engines and international Internet resources, that are also Amileader-based.

The minimum package of Amileader Start includes 10 articles, giving a good showing to your company or product and emphasizing its chief advantages. Thanks to the efforts of Amillidius experts, the articles, placed on the partner websites, form the top of Google search results. Amileader Start presents the basic level, necessary for a business to work efficiently on the Web. Yet, for those who intend to secure their place on the Internet and continuously boost their turnover, Amillidius offers more advanced versions of the Amileader system – Amileader Standard and Amileader Premium.

Amileader – the choice of a success-oriented business

Amileader teaches Google how to present your business correctly

Sparing a handsome part of their budget for advertising, many companies make a serious mistake as they don’t take into consideration that if there is no positive selling image of the company or product, formed on the Web in advance, no targeting, contextual advertising, various partner programmes, and agent schemes will work well nor will they pay back. The prospective customers, partners, investors will respond to the ads. However, the evoked interest should be transformed into trust and will to buy something or cooperate. As we know, the first thing we do before making such a decision is opening Google.

Amileader will help your business provide a consumer with numerous valid arguments Pro on the first page of the search results. While googling the information about you and following one link after the other, those interested in your company’s activity, in its goods or services, will satisfy their interest in full. The result of using Amileader is the information, presented in line with all the marketing rules. It will evoke trust and become an incentive for a purchase or a partnership agreement. No matter the industry, if you are building your business under the Amileader system, the client base will get bigger and profit will grow.

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