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Are There Health Consequences for Constant Complaining?

Are There Health Consequences for Constant Complaining?


Are There Health Consequences for Constant Complaining?


The more you complain, the less likely you are to take on more positive habits.

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jack Canfield points out the dangerous mental and physical  consequences of complaining. 

Canfield says that complaining encourages mental negativity and does not cultivate the same, more-desired results as positive thinking. Canfield says that complaining also releases cortisol, which is triggered by stress and can lead to health problems like higher cholestrol, diabetes and heart problems. 

If you find yourself complaining too often and would like to adjust your habits, Canfield recommends engaging in the opposite of complaining — expressing gratitude. By embracing all the facets of your life you are thankful for, you will gradually see yourself move away from destructive complaining.

Click the video to hear more. 

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