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Artificial Intelligence as the core of logistics operation

Artificial Intelligence as the core of logistics operation


Artificial Intelligence as the core of logistics operation

ADA is the assistant that operates as Artificial Intelligence on the SimpliRoute platform. It helps solve about 25 tasks and is based on machine learning.

25, 2021

3 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

“For more technology and data that one integrates into a software, in the end always experience and learning are the fundamental pillars. The important thing is to understand how to extract them intelligently ”. With that phrase, Álvaro Echeverría, co-founder and CEO of SimpliRoute, recalls the need that shaped the idea of creating an AI virtual assistant to optimize its logistics platform.The startup is dedicated to optimizing routes for dispatch vehicles. The problem, according to Echeverría, was that despite the fact that logarithms and data science effectively optimize logistics a lot, “there are things that no default software can evaluate, such as whether a street is in poor condition, whether it is too narrow for a truck. or if it is unsafe at a certain time. This valuable information is held by the drivers ”.This premise led us to think of intelligence as the core of the operation, capable of learning from the behavior of the drivers who use the platform. Today, after more than a year of development, this has resulted in ADA, the first AI Virtual Assistant developed 100% in-house and integrated into a logistics platform, such as the popular Siri on Apple devices.Photo: SimpleRouteADA has been fully integrated into SimpliRoute for a few months, and its mission is to send alerts and suggestions to drivers of companies that use the platform, in addition to collecting learning to reschedule future actions and thus further optimize routes. For example, based on learning, the AI recommends which driver should use which vehicle based on the performance of each one on historic routes; whether the company should change its fleet size based on historical utilization; o suggest optimized time windows when dispatching; among other tasks.“For us it is a big step to implement our own AI that works as a nuclear intelligence that collects the real experience in the street. Our focus as a Chilean scaleup is to be at the technological forefront in the world, and we will only achieve this by constantly improving our integration with artificial intelligence and machine learning ”, says the CEO of Simpliroute. .Currently, the AI is already working together with the drivers on the new version of the app. And while for now it issues alerts and works in the background, it is expected that users will soon be able to interact directly with the AI to request information or advice.

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