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Develop an unwavering spirit

Develop an unwavering spirit


Develop an unwavering spirit

“Practical dreamers don’t give up,” wrote Napoleon Hill, and neither do entrepreneurs, who have an unwavering spirit and the ability to reinvent themselves over and over again.

20, 2021

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Possibly it happened to you: you had big plans, maybe a trip, buying a car, changing jobs, undertaking or, if you already had a business, taking it to the next level. Maybe you had even just signed a juicy contract and suddenly … you were faced with a pandemic that no one was prepared for. I am sure that 2020 has taught us very important lessons, both in business and in personal life. Crises are many and constant, they put us to the test, challenge us and make us grow. Fortunately, it is something that we can all work on, in developing our capacity for resilience, adaptation, flexibility and observation, characteristics that an entrepreneur undoubtedly requires and that are what allowed many to survive during this adversity. In short, develop an unshakable spirit. Mag21 Entrepreneur edition August 2021 The good news is that it wasn’t just about survival. In the August mag21 issue of Entrepreneur there are clear signs that opportunities really can be found in crises. You will read the example in Rotamundos , a startup that dared to go on the market in the midst of a pandemic and in one of the hardest hit sectors: tourism. Javier Cárdenas, its founder, observed a vein in local and rural tourism and in just over a year of operations it already has a presence in five Latin American countries. Of course, he knows that it is only the beginning and that his suitcase must be loaded with patience, creativity, a notebook to do numbers and many contacts. Like Javier, who already dared to take the first step, also Mariana Carrillo, co-founder of Chez Vous , opened a time café that takes advantage of the hybrid work trend to strengthen her model. The lesson? Always be alert to market voices and maximize resources during adversity. She even made deliveries of her products herself. I hope this issue serves as a guide for your survival and inspiration to start your business or redefine it. “Practical dreamers don’t give up,” Napoleon Hill wrote, and I agree.

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