Due to the Rebound of Covid-19, Some Supermarkets Will Close on Weekends

Due to the Rebound of Covid-19, Some Supermarkets Will Close on Weekends

The Secretary of the Economy of Nuevo León, Roberto Russildi, informed citizens that supermarkets and shopping centers will be among the businesses closed on weekends.

4, 2020

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After the rebound in coronavirus cases in Nuevo León, certain economic and social activities will be restricted on weekends, this with the aim of reducing the number of infections.The official pointed out that supermarkets will have to close on Saturdays and Sundays, so he asked citizens to buy urgent items in grocery stores.The Secretary of the Economy of Nuevo León added that citizens take advantage of the fact that these types of establishments are open and go out in a non-essential way to distract themselves and make unnecessary purchases.This measure will take effect on December 5 and this applies to supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants, cinemas, museums and circuses. Similarly, warehouses and convenience stores will not be able to sell alcohol on weekends.”They must close on weekends, because they not only sell food, if we close squares and shopping centers, people will go out to be distracted and they will go to self-service stores to buy toys, to be distracted and walk around” , said the official.As for the unrestricted sectors, there will be pharmacies, drugstores and drugstores – one-time business – convenience and grocery stores, medical and funeral services, private security services, fuel stations, banks and automotive repair shops.

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