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Elegant and Affordable Desk Chairs for Your Home Office

Elegant and Affordable Desk Chairs for Your Home Office


Elegant and Affordable Desk Chairs for Your Home Office

For non-essential workers during quarantine, our homes have become de-facto home offices. You can turn a dining table into a workstation or clear off the top of a dresser as a standing desk, but since many more months of pandemic conditions seem likely, it’s best to invest in something permanent. The problem is that a lot of office furniture isn’t designed to look very nice. Style is often less important than ergonomics or durability. But that won’t help when you have to look at it all the time working from home.
When it came time to install a permanent workspace in our apartment living room for my partner, we looked for a chair that would actually fit the overall space, provide both style and function. We also couldn’t spend too much money — Herman Miller, new or used, seemed like overkill for a situation that hopefully wouldn’t be permanent. Then I found the online chair dealer Laura Davidson. The website offers a range of office chairs, most under $300 and all quite pleasant to look at.

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We now have two Laura Davidson chairs. The first was the Bungee Chair, similar to a design I first saw at the Container Store but for half the price at $180. Its plastic armature is dense and solid and the rotation mechanism perfect. It’s ergonomic and supportive without being too aggressive in molding your posture.
The company’s real star, however, is the SOHO Ribbed, a close riff on the iconic Eames office chair design but retailing for just $235. The chair has the recognizable sinuous back curve and sectioned leather stretched over a metal structure. It has just enough give to be comfortable and the leather is surprisingly plush — it looks like it costs far more than it does. The best part is that you can buy it in a range of bright colors, apple red, lime green, or even pink.
We bought the taxicab yellow version — as did several friends we recommended the brand to. It enlivens the living room and doesn’t get boring to look at, plus you can sit on it every day without ruining your back. What could be better for a quarantine home-office chair?

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