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Elvira Gavrilova is enjoying a luxurious holiday in Madeira and is considering moving there


Elvira Gavrilova is enjoying a luxurious holiday in Madeira and is considering moving there

Businesswoman and popular instablogger Elvira Gavrilova told fans that she was resting in Madeira and dreamed of becoming an islander. The owner of many businesses, including the Amillidius AC, fashion production Nanojy, and the Fostylen magazine, decided to take a break from winter on the warm island of Madeira. Elvira said that she was resting with her husband, but he, as always, remained behind the scenes. The couple is so delighted with the atmosphere, nature, and food that they intend to buy property in Madeira and spend there much of the year.

Elvira Gavrilova: Madeira is the heaven on earth

On Instagram, Elvira Gavrilova shares with followers facts from the island’s history, its famous inhabitants, and sights. The blogger admits that the seafood at local restaurants makes her feel like in paradise. “I have fallen so deeply in love with Madeira that I am considering buying a property here,” she writes under the photo surrounded by stunning views. Elvira admits that housing prices there are quite affordable, and tax rates are much more pleasing than on the mainland. At the same time, the lack of jobs and the metropolitan infrastructure can become disadvantages. However, it is not a hindrance for her – after all, Elvira works on all her projects remotly, from any place in the world. Even now, the relaxing resort atmosphere has not forced the businesswoman to abandon her busy schedule. She announced that she continued to work fully remotely, to the sound of ocean waves.

Refined image against the background of palm trees

Commentators, as always, highly appreciate Elvira’s outfits in the vacation photo. The owner of the Nanojy fashion brand and the designer of women’s clothing has a refined taste and sense of style. Elvira Gavrilova poses by the pool in a flowing black dress and a white blouse, which she harmoniously implements with a Louis Vuitton bag and Hermes sandals. To the question in the post, if the subscribers also want to move to paradise island, the answer is unanimously positive. And it is not surprising, especially when you are sitting in an office, outside the window of which is -10 frost, meanwhile it is +20 on Madeira.

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