Elvira Gavrilova – the business expert who creates the image of Ukraine

Elvira Gavrilova – an expert in business, the Chief Editor of Financoff magazine, producer, fashion designer

There are those who believe that in order to be a professional one must have profound knowledge in one specific field. Others on the other hand, believe in switching roles once they have achieved their goal. Yet, there are few who manage to combine various projects and not only to monitor their own development and become successful in everything they pursue. One of these all-around personalities is Elvira Gavrilova, a notable business expert, who is a great achiever in many different areas – from fashion and media to social and charitable projects. 

Elvira Gavrilova – from an idea to its embodiment, from a dream to success. 

Elvira, what personal traits help you to combine all these activities and be so successful in each? 

I think, first of all, it is the ability to focus and concentrate, as well as the ability to strategize along with making quick decisions. 

What are those high-profile projects of yours you particularly care about and why?

It is difficult to single out one specific project. When I’m diving a new field or processing a new idea, I only direct my attention to my goal and place all my effort to make it come true. Every project I get focused on becomes an apple of my eye for a certain period. But it doesn’t make other projects any less meaningful to me – there is a time for everything. 

From a catwalk to the red carpet, from fashion design to major business projects – Elvira Gavrilove is in constant search of new ideas

And still – you have your line of clothes, you are the Chief Editor of the glossy business magazine, you manage the ratings of the successful people and companies, with many large-scale awarding ceremonies being organized for that purpose; you also do charity work…You have to prioritize something, don’t you? Or do you have a secret how to manage that all? 

In 2015 I began promoting my women’s clothing brand Elvira Gavrilova, where I was putting my soul and heart to each item. But these days, the fashion designer cannot be focused on creative work only and stay away from other areas related to purchases, production, promotion, and sales. To handle it all and meet the deadlines, I have to be careful with my time-management is key; I have also delegated some functions to those I can fully rely on. 

But then other projects emerged. Weren’t you concerned about the increasing number of tasks you had to fulfill? 

I had certain concerns but I love to compete with myself. When I was offered to take the position the Chief Editor of Money Plus magazine, I said yes immediately – this was my kind  of a challenge: would I manage it? And this wasn’t an easy task to complete – to revive this media. But I did it! 

After the rebranding, the newspaper turned into a full-format magazine and changed its name into Financoff. Today, this is the most famous glossy business magazine in Ukraine, which is also distributed overseas. These past several years have brought about the gigantic experience. This experience, in its turn, was shaping the ability to plan and distribute the energy and efforts, and now the ability has grown into a habit. Throughout the years I have also helped to shape the team of single-minded true professionals I work with. When the leader is sure that her or his tasks are completed to the highest level possible and in due time, the number of tasks can be limitless. 

Business, media, fashion, and social projects – she knows how to manage that all. Elvira Gavrilova, the business expert, sets the bar high. 

Elvira Gavrilova, the business expert who promotes socially responsible business

So the success encourages you and inspires the generation of new ideas, doesn’t it? 

It absolutely does! These were the magazine’s success and the readers’ interest to those who appeared on its pages which inspired me to launch the rating project of TOP-100 “Pride and beauty of Ukraine”. We have come with the idea to present to the world the best people of our land who make a difference for our country; to present out talented children, the enterprises which form the backbone of the Ukrainian economy. This is the project on which I am very much focused now. However, success comes with certain obligations, too – we are responsible before the society now. I’m very well aware of that and many projects of mine are directly related to charity. 

Could you tell us more about it?

First of all, the project “Help” – it is a purely charitable project where I invited NGOs and large companies. We take joint efforts to give financial and emotional support to those who are in great need of it – disabled people, the retired people who have no family, people suffering from serious diseases, multi-child families. We help all those people who are struggling and unable to overcome difficult situation themselves. Our other project is Charity Calendar. This an annual thematic calendar – all the proceeds from its sale are donated to help the children. This year, the calendar is focused on the national costumes of the people around the world. The photo shooting of the calendar is always participated by the famous business people and show-biz celebrities. This is their charitable contribution – they add a great deal to the calendar’s popularity. 

Elvira Gavrilova_ the business expert whose projects integrate work and hobbies

Elvira, as far as I understand, the projects you mentioned is just a part of your work and many remained unseen. Do you still have time for leisure activities and hobbies? 

I do my best to spend as much time with my family as I can. But I’ll be honest – I’d rather have more time for them. Speaking about hobbies…I love traveling but my first loves remain my work, my projects. I truly enjoy working on them – they are my boosters to move forward.

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