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Expanded Possibilities of Machine Learning as future of internet marketing


Expanded Possibilities of Machine Learning as future of internet marketing

Machine learning is the ability of software to successfully predict and react to various situations depending on previous results. Meanwhile, there is no need for a human to input any additional data. A learning process is taking place in computers when they work out the mechanism of templates creation. It also includes the ability of constant learning basing on forecasts made according to received data.

Machine learning, as one of the forms of artificial intellect, is computerizing the process of analytical model building up, thus, enabling computers to quickly adapt to new circumstances.

Advantages of Machine Learning

  1. Intelligent control of a huge amount of information generated as a result of people and technologies interaction. Due to the extent, these data won’t be processed or structurized without the speed and development common for machine learning.
  2. The Internet of things is nowadays commonplace. The range of smart gadgets varies from fitness trackers, smartwatches to autopilot cars and smart cities. They are used for efficient operation as well as to low energy consumption. Their potential is huge. Machine learning will help to rationally and profitably use this increased amount of data.
  3. It provides fantastic opportunities for consumers. With the help of search mechanisms, apps, and other technologies, machine learning will enable to provide results and recommendations relevant to customers’ preferences and needs. In such a way, the personal service of customers will be carried out at a high level.

Samples of Machine Learning Application in internet marketing

  • Content search by Pinterest: content handling is the main target of the company. Machine learning is implemented for efficient fulfillment of the main task, as well as participates in all business operations.
  • Chatbots from FB: Messenger has become a so-called laboratory of chatbots. Communicating with one of them, it is even hard to identify that conversation is carried out with a machine.
  • IBM has developed an artificial intellect named Watson. It has been successfully used in hospitals and medical centers in which some types of cancer have been diagnosed quicker than by oncologists.

Artificial intellect and machine learning have already become a part of the every-day lives of people. Their further evolution and expansion are inevitable. However, using these cutting-edge technologies will not only facilitate humans’ lives but also will provide services at such level which could have never been reached by other people.

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