Fostylen: Elvira Gavrilova presents the readers a new image of the Financoff magazine

Fostylen — chief editor Elvira Gavrilova presents the updated magazine

In August 2020, a new brand – Fostylen magazine appeared in the media space. This is how the popular international Financoff business gloss is called from now on. The co-owner and chief editor of the publication Elvira Gavrilova in her official statement on the rebranding, stressed that only the name is changing, but the vector of the magazine’s development will remain the same; and the same established team of journalists and designers will be working on it. “Fostylen will be even brighter, even more stylish, and the coverage of distribution will be even wider,” Elvira Gavrilova promised to numerous readers of the magazine and subscribers of her social networks.

Fostylen — Financoff business gloss changes its name and style after rebranding


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The rebranding became a logical completion of the next stage of the magazine’s development. This is not the first transformation for the publication – Financoff has turned into Fostylen, just as a few years ago the small “Dengi Plus” business edition grew into the Financoff magazine. Its concept has changed, the quality of the content has grown significantly, and the volume has increased. Under the bright, colorful cover, the topics of business and finance started coexisting with publications on lifestyle, fashion, beauty, design, tourism, rest, and entertainment. Conversations with entrepreneurship gurus alternated with interviews with royal persons, and articles on management and marketing with reports on cultural events, all kinds of exhibitions and festivals. All aspects of a modern business person’s life are reflected on the Financoff’s gloss pages. Elvira Gavrilova suggested a new concept for the printing edition, which she called a business gloss. And very soon numerous publications began to copy this format.

The first Fostylen issue — meeting with readers is coming soon

Fostylen - the first issue will be printed soon

The popularity of the magazine grew, the geography of distribution expanded. One thing was embarrassing – in the title of Financoff the dominant role of finance and business was still read. And it had to be changed. But rebranding is a big step. After all, the readership already knows and loves the business gloss under its name. The complete change of corporate identity was preceded by a long and serious preparation. And finally, the first issue of Fostylen is published, which will become a worthy Financoff’s successor. The updated magazine will not only contain all the best that its predecessor had – the high-class “Fostylen” magazine promises to present the maximum of interesting and useful information to even more readers around the world. It will become even brighter, more exciting, more modern. The journalists of the edition promise the readers the most relevant information and a real exclusive in each issue.

So, the first Fostylen issue has already been sent to print. Very soon, the intrigue will be revealed and readers will find out what awaits them on its pages.

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