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Here’s How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ends, According To 30 Dead Characters

Here's How 'Game Of Thrones' Ends, According To 30 Dead Characters


Here’s How ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ends, According To 30 Dead Characters


When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die, and we can safely say there haven’t been too many winners thus far.

Over the HBO show’s seven seasons, thousands of “Game of Thrones” characters have been maimed, mauled and met their ends in some form or another, so with the fantasy drama’s final season coming up, we wanted to see how they thought the show would ultimately meet its end, too.

All characters must die.

HuffPost reached out to a number of actors behind dead characters on the show, making a point to get the opinions of some of the often forgotten but impactful or interesting roles. Some declined (likely, the pain from those old wounds still hurt too much), and some wanted remuneration (perhaps death doesn’t pay as well as we thought), but eventually we found quite a few who were brave enough to share who they thought would win the Iron Throne (if there even is a throne in the end).

Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones)

Cause of death: Blown up in Sept of Baelor by Cersei.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: N/A

What will actually happen: Throne will be destroyed.

“I don’t think there will be a throne in the end. I think ice and fire will destroy the throne and each other in the process of war. It will decentralize power, there will be chaos and out of that chaos and disorder a collective of survivors (hopefully Arya, Brienne, Tyrion, Podrick! to name a few) will lead the way rebuilding the seven kingdoms into something more democratic and sustainable.”

Ros (Esmé Bianco)

Cause of death: Shot with crossbow by Joffrey.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Varys

“I want Varys to win it because I think he genuinely wants the best for the people of Westeros, and I think he might just be a good guy.  But I’m pretty sure I’ll get proven wrong!”

What will actually happen: Throne will be destroyed/melted by a dragon.

“I’m not sure why anyone would want to sit on the Iron Throne, frankly — it seems to bring nothing but trouble to those that do, plus it looks bloody uncomfortable. I think it will actually be destroyed or melted by a dragon. I just don’t see there being a clear ‘winner’ at the end of it all. ‘Game of Thrones’ isn’t like that!”

Rickon Stark (Art Parkinson)

Cause of death: Couldn’t zigzag.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: King in the North and Dany.

“I would like to see Jon Snow as well as Daenerys on the Iron Throne, as I believe they deserve it and it would make a great happy ending to the show.”

What will actually happen: IDK.

“I’m unsure as to who is going to end up on the Iron Throne, as the show is so unpredictable, which is one of the things that makes it so great and that I believe [why] it has become so popular over the years.”

Olly (Brenock O’Connor)

Cause of death: Hanged by Jon Snow.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Jon Snow.

“I think I’ve got to be purely selfish, and I’d want to have been killed by the winner. It’s got to be. Jon killed me, from a selfish standpoint … the real king killed me … I think Jon deserves it. He’s been through enough. He died and came back. He’s been through the horrors.”

What will actually happen: Night King, duh.

“I think it’s going to be the Night King on the Iron Throne. Just to be honest, I don’t see it going any other way. He’s unbeatable. He’s got a dragon now, and he’s got the biggest army. So I reckon it’ll end with him.”

Shireen Baratheon (Kerry Ingram)

Cause of death: Sacrificed by her dad, Stannis.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion.

“I would love for Tyrion to sit on the throne, I think he’s a great character. He thinks before he does!”

What will actually happen: Cersei or White Walkers world domination.

“As much as I would love Tyrion on the throne I do believe that either Cersei will continue to rule or the White Walkers will take over!”

Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton)

Cause of death: Ramsay sends his regards.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: The ladies of Winterfell.

“I’d like to see Sansa and Arya rule together on the Iron Throne.”

What will actually happen: N/A

Black Walder (Tim Plester)

Cause of death: Baked into a pie by Arya.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Hot Pie. 

“Is Hot Pie, the baker’s apprentice, still alive? For obvious reasons, I retain a somewhat sentimental attachment to pies.”

What will actually happen: Edmure will rule. Lol.

“When I was on set with Tobias Menzies, we used to joke about how it would be his character, Lord Edmure Tully, who would ultimately end up winning the ‘game.’ We pictured a scenario in which everybody else would be killed off in an epic final battle, either by fire or ice (possibly a combination of the two), leaving the final credits to roll over abject desolation. Then, in an unexpected coda to what had just transpired, we envisaged cutting to the reinforced door of a toilet cubicle slowly opening to reveal Lord Edmure — a little shaken but otherwise unharmed, with his trousers still aroundabout his ankles. Noticing that no one else was around, and spotting the Iron Throne sitting strangely unoccupied, Edmure would then saunter across The Great Hall and tentatively sit himself down on the throne, before turning directly to camera and offering up an embarrassed shrug by means of an explanation. … It should be noted that this scenario was inspired, in part, by the fact that The Great Hall set was situated in the same Belfast building as the set for the Red Wedding, meaning that you had to pass by it on your way to using the (actual) lavatories.”

Mace Tyrell (Roger Ashton-Griffiths)

Cause of death: Blown up in the Sept by Cersei.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: “No one.”

What will actually happen: Westeros will become Atlantis.

“Westeros is a wholly a-classical environment — not a Corinthian column to be seen. Since the classical world and its legacy has dominated all Western cultures for two millennia, I have to conclude, therefore, that the events in ‘GoT’ take place in a time before the classical age. So what happened to all those sentient life forms (and dragons)? Where is their legacy?

“I reckon that everyone will die in the forthcoming war, leaving behind just a small population to develop over millennia from their reduced state of stone-aged desolation into the civilization of which we are the descendants today. Moreover, the fading memory of what will then be pre-historic Westeros will develop into the myth of Atlantis.

“That’s what I’d write anyway!”


Lem Lemoncloak (Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson)

Cause of death: Hanged by the Hound. 

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: The Mountain.

“I want the Mountain to win the Iron Throne, damn it! I know that might be far-fetched. But he’s my fellow Icelandic cast member, so I support him. There’s not a lot of us Icelandic people in the world, so we like to stick together.”

What will actually happen: Cersei will beat out “Snowy and Blondy.”

“I think that kick-ass Cersei Lannister is gonna surprise us all and take it. She’s experienced, she’s not a damn kid! Snowy and Blondy will fail because they will let their emotions somehow get the better of them. It’ll be Cersei all the way.” 

Balon Greyjoy (Patrick Malahide)

Cause of death: Thrown over bridge by Euron.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: N/A

What will actually happen: N/A

“Balon Greyjoy never engages with the outside world!” 

Syrio Forel (Miltos Yerolemou)

Cause of death: Killed by Meryn Trant … maybe.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion.

“I want Tyrion to sit on the Iron Throne. He is really the only one who deserves to.”

What will actually happen: Someone will wear the throne.

“I think no one will be sitting on the throne at the end of Season 8. In fact, I have a perverse feeling that instead of someone sitting on the throne, someone may end up ‘wearing’ the throne. Like Viserys, who wanted a golden crown so much, he ended up getting so much more. Be careful what you wish for. It will be a very bittersweet ending.”

Meryn Trant (Ian Beattie)

Cause of death: Stabbed a million times by Arya.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion or Cersei.

“Tyrion because he cares for the people, or Cersei because I love her!!”

What will actually happen: Throne will be destroyed.

“No one because there won’t be one. The problem is not who sits on the throne but who comes next! Plus Mr. Martin doesn’t do easy!”

Janos Slynt (Dominic Carter)

Cause of death: Beheaded by Jon Snow.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Samwell Tarly.

“I’d like, by default because all of the usual suspects will have destroyed each other, Samwell Tarly to end up on the Iron Throne. With Varys as his Hand and Tyrion as his head of entertainment. Mainly because I believe brains always win over brawn. And they are my favorite characters!”

What will actually happen: Throne will be destroyed.

“I guess because the wait between seasons feels longer than the Brexit process … there will have to be an epic series of huge battles and conflicts … the Iron Throne will have to be melted down to help with the war effort … so there will be no actual throne to sit on. But ultimately I think the new king or queen will be very unexpected! And true to form, nobody will second guess this one, I reckon.”

 Pycelle (Julian Glover)

Cause of death: Stabbed by a bunch of kids.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion. Jon Snow is boring.

“I hope that Tyrion will be sitting on the throne at the end of the tale; he’s by far the brightest button in the box for all his faults, which are human and understandable. He has empathy, a quality lacking in most other characters. Jon Snow is a goody-two-shoes and a frightful bore, and would be a hopeless leader. 

What will actually happen: Cersei for the win.

“I expect Cersei will get the seat because she is so entirely ruthless. I do hope they don’t go for a so-far-unknown outsider, which would so disappoint the viewers. Tyrion is a thoroughly good egg as far as I can see, and would lead with the same common sense and integrity as Ned Stark would have done. It could go any which way, and whichever way it does go will thrill lots of folk and deeply disappoint others, such is the commitment of the fan base.”

Cause of death: Executed by Dany, carried out by Daario Naharis. 

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Missandei and Greyworm

“I want Missandei and Greyworm to do a timeshare on the throne. Perhaps co-rule/take it in shifts or just squish on. Because they both have suffered and yet persevered. They are strong, yet sensitive, and both beautiful, of course.”

What will actually happen: Daenerys

“After Mossador’s untimely death it was increasingly traumatic to continue watching. I’m just about recovered and my neck has never been the same since. My heart does, however, belong to Daenerys … despite her trying to stop my bag. She’s worked hard, and her intentions are ultimately good.”

White Rat (Marcos James)

Cause of death: Throat cut by Sons of the Harpy.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: He’s loyal to his queen.

“I’m going to stick with White Rat’s allegiance to Daenerys and support House Targaryen for rule of the Iron Throne. On a personal level, this will somewhat make up for being taken out by the Sons of Harpy, mid-pleasure, in the brothel. I mean, come on, even with the lack of essential manly bits, they really could have left me in there a bit longer to feel the cuddle and listen to some lullabies. Still in my feelings about this.”

What will actually happen: Targaryens will rule, but there’s a twist.

“In Season 8, everyone will be related to everyone else, and there will be more intricate bloodline revelations. As such, the battle for the throne will be complex, and more characters will be getting major side-eye for their intimacy. Top of the list is Dany and Jon, even though their union does make them a formidable force for taking over the Iron Throne. In the end, House Targaryen will rule, but PLOT TWIST! potentially not with Daenerys as Lord but a newly revealed member of the Targaryen bloodline. ‘Game of Thrones’ is definitely going to throw a curve ball, and, whatever happens, it will be epic!” 

Young Hodor (Sam Coleman)

Cause of death: Good manners. Spent too long holding doors.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Nobody.

“I want them all to club together, fight the wights and then, after they just scrape through, I want those that are left to decide they will abandon their tribal allegiances and form a democracy.”

What will actually happen: Final face-off with the Night King.

“I think we’ll seemingly lose everyone. I think the Night King will look to reign supreme. But … underground we find some humans are still alive and hiding out, plotting a rebellion. Then there will be a final stand with the last remaining heroes and their troops slaughtering the Night King, all his minions disappearing with him.”

Rorge (Andy Beckwith)

Cause of death: Stabbed by a Needle.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: The Starks.

“I would like the Stark family to still be alive at the very end and sitting on the Iron Throne, with Sansa and Arya in charge, as I feel they have been the characters who have suffered the most starting from Season 1.”

What will actually happen: The Mother of Dragons will be victorious.

“Daenerys Targaryen will be victorious at the end, with the help of Jon Snow, and they will be aided by the Stark family. I think they will then destroy the Iron Throne and live happily ever after, but, as you know, this is ‘Game of Thrones,’ and anything could happen. Can’t wait for Season 8.”

Ser Rodrik Cassel (Ron Donachie) 

Cause of death: Beheaded (not easily) by Theon.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Podrick (his real-life son, actor Daniel Portman)

“I’d like Podrick Payne to be king. He’s been an interesting, enigmatic character throughout; determined, selfless, brave and loyal, he’s a rarity in Westeros. Mostly, though, it’s because he’s my son. Fair enough? Yep, balanced and fair.”

What will actually happen: No idea.

“Genuinely no real clue. I’d like it to be one of the surviving Stark kids ― if any are surviving at the final bell. The Starks have been the repository of decency and honor across the piece, despite all the vicissitudes they’ve endured, so a Stark on the Iron Throne would help towards a resolution of all the horror. I’d also be happy if Tyrion got the gig; he’s been wonderful throughout, Lannister or not. Speaking of Lannisters, if Jaime made it to the top it would be an extraordinary essay in repentance, self-discovery and the power we have to change ourselves, but I think that’s probably a bridge too far, even for ‘GOT.’ His has been a remarkable journey, though. Stopping now before I list the whole cast.” 

Craster (Robert Pugh)

Cause of death: Stabbed by Karl Tanner, Gin Alley legend.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: King in the North.

“Jon Snow. He deserves it for his courage and determination against all the odds!”

What will actually happen: Craster will rise again?

“From the carnage and devastation, Craster will rise from the grave to rule supreme! Well, that’s what I dreamt anyway!”

Lord Greatjon Umber (Clive Mantle)

Cause of death: Offscreen. Reported by his son to Ramsay.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion.

“I am furiously trying to catch up on ‘GOT,’ as I only ever watched the first series on original transmission. I’m up to the end of Series 2 and really enjoying it and hope the wonderful Peter Dinklage wins in the end. But judging by the casual and wanton discarding of some of Britain’s finest character actors, he might follow suit and get knocked off early in Series 3. Who knows? Well, you lot do because you’re well ahead of me. But my money’s on Dinklage. Unless, of course, I get a late call to reprise The Greatjon Umber, who really should be on the throne by virtue of the immense volume at which he spoke.”

What will actually happen: Still catching up on the show.

“Whatever happens I’ll catch up with the result in about a year’s time.”

Nymeria Sand (Jessica Henwick)

Cause of death: Strangled by her own whip.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Tyrion.

“I mean half of the people left are sociopaths, so it’s a pretty small pool to choose from, haha. I’d love to see Tyrion on the throne because it would be a heck of an underdog story and because he has a sense of humor.”

What will actually happen: Everyone will die.

“Daenerys is too obvious a leader, so she’s out. Same goes for Jon. I think it’ll be a council rather than a single person in power, and Finn (Jones) is always going on about how they’ll melt the throne down so they can use the steel…. But this is Martin, and that might be a little kumbaya. So, in that case, I guess… everyone will die?”

Leaf (Kae Alexander)

Cause of death: Blew herself up to save Bran. 

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Mr. “Game of Thrones” Google search.

“Bran, otherwise Leaf sacrificed herself for Nothing, Hodor held the door for Nothin! Poor little Meera having to drag a full-grown-sized Bran across snow for NOTHIN!!!! Come on, Bran!!!”

What will actually happen: Dragons.

″The dragons because they can fly. We will need to build 2 more thrones and make them much bigger… and flameproof, of course. ”

Mycah, the Butcher’s Boy (Rhodri Hoskings) 

Cause of death: Joffrey’s a liar. Cut down by the Hound.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: A Girl Has A Throne?

“I have to be biased and go with Arya because obviously our characters are old pals, so I’ve just got this image of a chubby younger self of mine from beyond the grave just rooting for her. To go completely away from the series that seems to be coming out, I think it’d be cool to see my old friend up on the Iron Throne.”

What will actually happen: King in the North.

“It’s so tough. I love the show. I’m a huge fan. I’ve kept up with it the whole way. I think that Jon will probably end up on it. Obviously, not being on the show for ages, I have no idea what’s actually going on, but I think just from watching as a fan that Jon will probably end up on it. He’s got a good claim to it, not that he knows that.”

Ser Dontos (Tony Way)

Cause of death: Shot with crossbows on Littlefinger’s orders.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: The Hound. Or Dontos resurrection?

“Well, I was still hoping for the call to resurrect Dontos Hollard as a white-walking ice zombie who grabs the throne against all the odds, but seeing as that’s off the cards… I’ll go for The Hound, because he’s about the right size for the throne, he’d look good on it. A nice fit. Big throne, big fella. Plus he’s really good at swearing. I like that.”

What will actually happen: Tyrion.

“I think Tyrion just might nab the Iron Throne. And I think he would do a great job, too. He’s got no armies, no dragons and he’s not a great warrior, but he’s got his wits, and look how far they have got him so far. Don’t count him out, or you may end up dead on the toilet like his dad. ” 

Rattleshirt (Ross O’Hennessy)

Cause of death: Did not know how to talk to Tormund nicely.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Dragons should melt it. 

“I don’t want anyone to win the Iron Throne, to me (as Ross) and in the eyes of the Wildlings, the Throne is a power of despotism. From The Mad King, through Joffrey and now to Cersei Lannister, every person that has had any connection to the throne has turned into a tyrant. It would be best if the dragons melted the throne and a republic was created. Fair votes from all the seven kingdoms.”

What will actually happen: Jon, Dany & fam live happily ever after.

“I think that the Iron Throne will be ruled by Jon Snow and Daenerys and their offspring. The joining of Fire and Ice. Fire is Daenerys and Ice is Jon Snow, not because of his connections to the Starks household but because he was killed and brought back to life. Like the king of the White Walkers, he is undead, he is Ice. As the title says… ‘Game of Thrones,’ the song of Ice and Fire.”

Khal Moro (Joe Naufahu)

Cause of death: Mother of Dragons with a classic burn. 

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Khal Moro. Only Khal Moro.

“Khal Moro … he will return from the dead with the White Walkers.”

What will actually happen: Dany.

“Probably Dany ’cause she’s the Mother of Dragons and the only one that could defeat Moro.” 

Razdal mo Eraz (George Georgiou) and Belicho Paenymion (Eddie Jackson)

George Georgiou (left)

Cause of death: Pissed off the Mother of Dragons. 

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Just hopes the story is anti-Brexit.

“I think the seven kingdoms will be in such a state that there will be no need for an Iron Throne, but the disarray should remind us of the importance of the U.K. staying in the EU! That’s my wish, anyway.”

What will actually happen: Only dragons will survive.

“I think nobody will win the throne (that’s too predictable). All the leaders will die and the only survivors will be the dragons. Because they are cute.”

Eddie Jackson (right)

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Sansa and Gendry. Sendry?

“There are so many great characters or even possible power couples who could do a good job at ruling Westeros: Dany and Jon (still a bit confused why Rhaegar would name both of his sons Aegon, but anyway), Brienne and Tormund, Brienne and Jaime, Ser Davos, Samwell. But who I really want to sit on the Iron Throne in the end is Gendry and Sansa, because I think they have what it takes to be fair. When we meet Sansa, she sees the world in songs and stories, and her story has turned into a nightmare. With Gendry we get a character who thinks he means nothing and now maybe is one of few people who can help stop the wights. I think these two character arcs would make them both very good rulers, plus then Ned’s daughter still gets to marry Robert’s son. George R.R. Martin is great and foreshadowing.”

What will actually happen: Dany will break the wheel!

“I think Daenerys will keep her promise and break the wheel. After fighting the White Walkers is done, I think the people of Westeros in general will be sick of being pawns in the game of thrones. So I don’t think there will be an Iron Throne, or many major families left. I think the seven kingdoms will be just that and anyone with half an army will be fighting for whatever is left, which won’t be much. My other little theory is that in this world of dragons, White Walkers, Children of the Forest and magic, that humans are the unnatural force who cause war and suffering, and this is nature fighting back. That or it’s dragons’ time to rule.”

Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer)

Cause of death: He’s still alive on the show, but he’s also already died six times, so we thought, “Why not?”

“I get six choices then?” asked Dormer.

Who deserves to win the Iron Throne: Good ol’ dead Ned.

“It should be Ned Stark. Sean Bean’s a lovely actor and brilliant in the show.”


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