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How This Entrepreneur Is Helping Digital Artists Protect Their Work

How This Entrepreneur Is Helping Digital Artists Protect Their Work


How This Entrepreneur Is Helping Digital Artists Protect Their Work

Dannie Chu discusses what it takes to create a business focused on creativity within a digital space.

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars and host Brittany Whitney discuss the birth of MakersPlace and its subsequent journey with co-founder and CEO Dannie Chu. 

Chu recounts his early days as part of the original Pinterest team. Chu saw then how the company came up against struggles with attribution, or people copying others’ work without consequences. This problem provedr to Chu that digital creatives required help to protect their unconventional art.

Chu explains how digital art is often thought of as less than physical art, since it can be difficult to prove authenticity but easy to copy. Therefore, Chu is working to make digital art and those who create it more legitimate. 

Click the video to hear more about how Dannie Chu and MakersPlace are doing just that. 

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