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Izzi’s service prices will increase in August

Izzi's service prices will increase in August


Izzi’s service prices will increase in August

The first of August will be an important day for the pocket of the users of the company.

6, 2021

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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Izzi , a telecommunications company, announced through a statement from its Grupo Televisa subsidiary that on August 1 the price of its services will increase in Mexico. At izzi we give you 3 services for the price of two! Hire izzi 50 + izzitv Smart at an incredible price, in addition to acquiring Disney + you receive two months of gift and more benefits. – izzi telecom (@izzi_mx) July 5, 2021 The company indicated that from the Izzi HD Plus package the rate will increase by 15 pesos, that is, it will now cost 910 pesos. However, they added that “if the products you have contracted have a valid term, the price will not change until the end of your contract.” This increase of 15 pesos will also be applied to each of the additional izzitv Smart extensions. But, “the entertainment add-ons or television extensions of other products will not increase their price,” it says in the statement. People who have a package lower than HD Plus can rest assured, as no increase in the cost of their membership has been announced so far. Some users expressed their frustration at this news , what do you think? @izzi_mx don’t suck !! With what cost do they increase (AGAIN) their costs ??? If they improve the service, I believe them. But this is not having a mother! – Love, Ivann (@Chibiivi) July 3, 2021

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