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Konstantin Skoptsov: an Art Exhibition for those who love mystery

Bosch from Odessa exhibits in his home city


Konstantin Skoptsov: an Art Exhibition for those who love mystery

Konstantin Skoptsov is frequently referred to as «Bosch from Odessa», for a number of reasons. Few artists throughout history were able to captivate and astonish quite as much as the great Master Bosch, but Konstantin manages to do so. It is difficult to see his incredible art in person – paintings are sold speedily, often as a complete series, and exhibitions held in cities far from Odessa. Sometimes it’s Paris, or New York, occasionally — Kiev. Finally fellow Odessians have an opportunity to see the exposition of his artworks- due to the efforts of the chief editor of business magazine Financoff —  Elvira Gavrilova. On December 7th, 2018 a permanent exposition of Skoptsov’s works had opened within “Wall Street” business center.

Love only what is rare and imaginative…(Vladimir Nabokov)

When observing pieces by Bosch, one can experience the realist’s view behind the layers of the allegories, Skoptsov in turn, also highlights typical human characters, their virtues and vices. What differs Skoptsov and Bosch is the uniquely defined style of Semantic Realism founded by Konstantin.

Konstantin Skoptsov the creator of Semantic Realism style

As the artist puts it, “ The true meaning of reality can only be expressed through references — using symbolism”. Besides Bosch, Konstantin also considers Pieter Bruegel the Elder to be an inspiration behind creating his style. He states that in spite of visual differences between the works of Bosch and Bruegel, both artists conveyed the same idea of sharing of views with the means of symbolism and expressing truth via imaginative approach. “To realize such an approach is the mission an artist should pursue”, — declares Skoptsov.

He also quotes Nabokov:

  • Love only what is rare and imaginative,
  • What walks the outskirts of dreams,
  • What provokes the fools and is discarded by the peasants,
  • Be faithful to the dreams as you are to the Motherland.

Art by Skoptsov — from admiritation to understanding

Pieces by Konstantin are a crossword of symbolic meanings. However one doesn’t have to solve it entirely: Skoptsov offers three levels of enjoying his creations:

  • A purely aesthetic one -” It’s beautiful”, of simply visually observing,
  • Philosophical:” It’s interesting” — to encourage the viewer to attempt an understanding of the expressed concept or create a subjective reference to the artwork,
  • And, finally, those viewers who are intimately familiar with the philosophical and semantic concepts and can easily decode the meaning behind the visual clues. A smaller, but undoubtedly, most appreciative audience.
Exhibition of Konstantin Skoptsov in Odessa (Ukraine)

What level do you consider yourself to be on? Will you be captivated by the mesmerizing beauty of the art by Skoptsov? Can you attempt the submersion into the world of semantics or are you already closely familiar with it? Visit the exposition displayed within the walls of “Wall Street” business center and view the art for yourself. You can also invest into a piece of artwork of your choice. Elvira Gavrilova recommends these pieces to decorate your home office or library, or for an exquisite gift for those who focus on the spiritual growth. You can also choose an artwork by visiting Skoptsov’s website:

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