Marie Smirnova: a neo-generation vivid representative’s creative path

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Neo-generation singer Marie Smirnova is the golden voice of neoclassical youth. The young singer, coming from an educated, intelligent family, as if have stepped off the pages of classicism era’s novels and, in some incredible way, merged into the modern world of technology, smart gadgets, and trending performance. Meekness, modesty, intellect, beauty and drive, expression, powerful performance, and being up-to-date are combined in the girl successfully.


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Marie Smirnova, at the age of 16, has already achieved great success in the vocal field. Now a socialite, producer, author, screenwriter, and director Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina took Marie up. This meeting became a serious springboard in the young star Marie Smirnova’s career. Under Katherina’s supervision, singer Marie Smirnova released the first video for the “Believe” track, recorded 4 songs, and is preparing to present her first album by the end of 2020.


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Our editorial staff got interested in the rising star Marie Smirnova and contacted her producer Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina to find out more about the young singer.

Marie Smirnova: with a song in her heart

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Masha always loved to sing and she did it well. At the age of 8, noticing their daughter’s outstanding vocal abilities, Marie’s parents brought her to study with one of the best vocal teachers in Odessa – Mariya Zeybel-Spivak. Masha Zeybel trained Marie’s voice, taught her to behave on stage, and not be afraid of the public.

Along with vocals, Masha enjoys attending dance and equestrian classes, boxing, and other sports. Marie Smirnova is fond of reading, often goes out, her speech and manners are perfectly delivered, and her voice touches the hidden strings in people’s souls.

Marie Smirnova is the winner of dozens of song contests both in Ukraine and abroad. Many predict her a star future, and her producer is sure that “with Masha’s excellent vocal skills and competent production, Marie Smirnova will definitely acquire worldwide recognition”.

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Marie Smirnova: creativity and plans

At the moment, singer Marie Smirnova can boast of four amazing songs in Ukrainian and English and a video for the “Believe” track. By the way, Marie’s producer Katherina Makedonskaya-Borodina is the author of Masha’s compositions. Katherina’s colleague Dmitriy Nikolov acts as a young star’s sound producer, and real profs are engaged in production, mixing, and mastering. Therefore, the product from Marie Smirnova is always of very high quality and is taken both by her peers and respectable adult businessmen and influential people in the field of show business.

Recently in Odessa the presentation of the Marie Smirnova project, as well as Masha’s first video for the track “Believe” has taken place and soon will be held in Kyiv on an even greater scale. The general partner of the presentation was the DreamWay event holding and its founder Vlada Barina. The video for Marie Smirnova was filmed at the “Eskadron” equestrian club due to Masha’s special love for horses. The filming was conducted with the support of ZARINA jewelry house and the Ukrainian-Georgian MaeriGe brand of clothes. By the way, Marie is ZARINA’s ambassador, as well as the face of the London Faberge, the official distributor of which the jewelry house in Ukraine is.

Marie has more than one article about her achievements in the media. Recently, Marie Smirnova has become the cover face of the Fostylen gloss, the rebranding of Elvira Gavrilova’s Financoff magazine. The business lady and producer, like many other influential persons in the field of show business and PR, believes in Marie Smirnova’s success and contributes to the singer’s promotion and popularization of her work in all possible ways.

Marie Smirnova’s songs touch the delicate strings of the soul. We, like numerous connoisseurs of Marie’s work, follow the development of her career and wish her to conquer new heights.

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