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Marketer Bogdan Terzi: Digital Marketing will Explode Business in the next five years

Bohdan Terzi on online advertising and marketing


Marketer Bogdan Terzi: Digital Marketing will Explode Business in the next five years

The Internet has long turned from an exotic technology into the common reality of an information environment. This means businesses that are interested in further growth and development are duty bound to review and reconsider outdated marketing strategies. Digital marketing will explode business in the next five years, believes Bogdan Terzi, a marketer and the CEO of the advertising agency Amillidus. It is thus important to adapt quickly and be at the forefront with those who benefit from the new trend.

Model for business promotion online from Bogdan Terzi

2017 was a record year for online advertising capitalization, and the field keeps growing rapidly, claims Bogdan Terzi. A marketer who does not take this trend into account turns his company into an outcast.

When promoting their clients’ businesses online, the Amillidius specialists work in four major areas:

  • Creating online identity and credibility;
  • Developing tools and techniques to attract the target audience;
  • Attracting new clients online;
  • Closing a deal via sales.

Firstly, the online reputation must be taken control of, as the success and profit of the company depends directly on what feedback it receives on the Internet. According to statistics, over 70% of users read the feedback and users’ reviews before purchasing goods or ordering services. So, when a potential client comes across negative feedback about your company in the first Google search lines, the probability they will still want to buy your product decreases sharply.

Amillidius, CEO Bohdan Terzi, marketer

Unfortunately, many Ukrainian business people underestimate this factor and do not realize how much they lose by doing so, states Bogdan Terzi. A marketer has to be able to convey the importance of a positive company image to the management and owners of the business and convince them that it will attract new clients without any additional advertising  efforts.

Lead generation plus sensible sales is the key to your company’s growth

Another important factor is the choice of target audience. The increasingly popular lead generation approach makes it possible to avoid wasting advertising budget by addressing only the audience who may already be interested in your product. The tools developed by the Amillidius company make it possible to gain the first real new clients the very next day after launching the advertisement.

Apart from finding potential new clients it is essential to lead them to the point where the sale is closed. Today the role of the seller is not as significant as it used to be just 10 years ago. It is still, though, the final and closing stage, emphasizes Bogdan Terzi. It is critical to lead the client to the point of deal closure without ruining the whole experience due to the unprofessional approach of a seller. If your staff cannot cope with sales, it is better to outsource this stage to sales-qualified experts until your company’s Sales Department hires a professional team.The digital world of online advertising means high speed business operation. If you wait to see how the new feature works for one, two or five competitors, you are risking falling behind with little or any chance of catching up. The Amillidius company and Bogdan Terzi offer an integrated approach to operating businesses online with the motto- “Speed, Quality, Efficiency” which 100% meets the demands of the modern business world.

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