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Massive Illegal THC Cartridge Bust in Wisconsin

Massive Illegal THC Cartridge Bust in Wisconsin


Massive Illegal THC Cartridge Bust in Wisconsin

Two brothers lead a Walter White-like illegal operation out of their home.

16, 2019

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Last week, police in Kenosha County, Wisconsin raided the home of Jacob and Tyler Huffhines and uncovered a bounty of illegal THC cartridges, 31,000 full and 98,000 empty. They also found guns, $59K in cash, and 57 Mason jars filled with THC oil.According to Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth, the brother hired at least 10 workers to inject the cartridges with THC  oil and then package them “to look like candy” with flavors such as Sour Patch.  Tyler, 20, is being held in the country jail on charges of the manufacture, distribution or delivery of marijuana; Jacob, 23, is being held on charges of cocaine possession and of being a felon in possession of a firearm.Police are cracking downThe bust comes on the heels of alarming reports that 400 people have fallen ill and six have died from vaping-related incidents. Last week, President Trump threated to ban all flavored e-cigarettes. The National Cannabis industry welcomes a call for regulation but also blamed prohibition for causing the illegal market in the first place.Related: Trump Is Considering Banning Flavored Vapes. Here’s The Cannabis Industry’s ResponseMore arrests could be coming soon. “We are finding that this has tentacles all over the place. It’s growing,” says Sheriff Beth.

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