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Perfection Is a Trap, and It’s Keeping You From Being Successful

Perfection Is a Trap, and It's Keeping You From Being Successful


Perfection Is a Trap, and It’s Keeping You From Being Successful


Don’t be afraid to take the first step, even if it ends up being the wrong one.

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jeff Rose discusses the one component that stands in the way of success for many entrepreneurs: the need for perfection. 

Don’t let perfection stop you from making progress and conitnuing to establish a better business. Some things take time and experience to get just right, and sometimes you need to take a leap of faith before you can learn what went wrong. For example, Rose points to how many visitors fawn over the look of his website, when in reality, it took time and patience to create a polished interface. Therefore, Rose stresses the important of prioritizing progress over perfection.

Click the video to hear more from Jeff Rose.

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