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Red traffic light in CDMX and EdoMex does not modify the ‘Hoy No Circula’ program, confirmed Locatel

Red traffic light in CDMX and EdoMex does not modify the 'Hoy No Circula' program, confirmed Locatel


Red traffic light in CDMX and EdoMex does not modify the ‘Hoy No Circula’ program, confirmed Locatel

After the dissemination of a false adjustment in vehicular traffic, Locatel confirmed that the program will continue normally despite the new confinement imposed on December 19.

21, 2020

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A false calendar with supposed modifications to the program ‘Hoy No Circula’ caused confusion in social networks. Users spread the rumor that the authorities of Mexico City and the State of Mexico would have adjusted vehicle traffic after the declaration of a red traffic light in both entities, in order to stop the recent wave of coronavirus infections . Faced with questions from various Internet users, the Locatel information and assistance service clarified the situation on Twitter. He indicated that “the ‘Hoy No Circula’ program continues to be normal in the ZMVM so far,” that is, in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City. In the event of any modification, it will be reported through official social networks, added the telephone service. Good morning, the program continues normally so far, we share the following link with the information: – @locatel_mx (@locatel_mx) December 20, 2020 The official account of the Megalopolis Environmental Commission shared the current calendar of the ‘Hoy No Circula’ program. This is how the circulation dates officially established for vehicles with holograms 1 and 2 were: Monday: Plate 5 and 6 Tuesday: Plate 7 and 8 Wednesday: Plate 3 and 4 Thursday: Plate 1 and 2 Friday: Plate 9 and 0 Hologram 1: odd numbers rest on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month; pair numbers   They do it on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. Holagram 2: They rest every Saturday Holograms 0 and 00: They are exempt from the established limitations. Electric or hybrid vehicles are out of the program. Before the week starts, check the current #HoyNoCircula in #ZMVM .Holograms 00 and 0 are exempt.Holograms 1 and 2 must respect circulation restrictions.In case of changes in the program, we will inform you immediately. # CAMegalópolis – CAMegalópolis (@CAMegalopolis) December 20, 2020

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