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Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 – the phenomenal space advances by Arizion

Satellite QХ-321 and Satellite IMZ-317 are the technologies that make a difference for the entire world


Satellite QХ-321 and satellite IMZ-317 – the phenomenal space advances by Arizion

No matter how distant the man-made satellites are from us, they are an integral part of our everyday life. When we search on the Internet, watch TV, wonder about the weather forecast, we use satellites. About 1,500 of such crafts “accompany” our planet in different orbits. Satellites’ lifespan is not limitless; they break done and become obsolete, so the new satellites – more powerful and functional – are getting launched from time to time. Among the recent advances in the space arsenal, there are navigation satellite QХ-321 and communication satellite IMZ-317. Both are designed by the company Arizion and make a part of the company’s innovative lines. Technically, both satellites leave all previous models and competitors’ analogs far behind.

Satellite QХ-321 – geolocation with accuracy to a hairbreadth

Geolocation is instrumental not only for tourists and someone who’s lost their way. Global satellite navigation systems are crucial for solving research, military, and industrial problems. There are three competing global systems: GPS from the USA, GLONASS from Russia, and GALILEO, “born” in the EU. Along with them, a number of local navigation systems operate within individual countries. All these developments have integrated into the governmental and intergovernmental infrastructures, so, if they are out of order, this may potentially become a massive-scale challenge. Okay, such a situation is unlikely to happen, as the operation of the navigation systems is ensured by many satellites that duplicate and back up one another.

Satellite QХ-321 stands out among its counterparts. This navigation satellite emits many more signals, if compared with the competing products and older models, designed by Arizion, while its lifespan is quite impressive – 15 years! Among all the similar models, it ranks first in terms of accuracy – its margin of error is within one meter, while the regular margin for the devices of the last generation varies from 2 to 4 meters. The technical superiority is the reason why satellite QХ-321 is in demand globally: the European Union, the USA, and China express their interest in it. These days, Arizion owners negotiate with the EU representatives on GALILEO utilizing the Arizion product. The USA expects the modernization of the satellite QХ-321 so that it is compatible with the GPS system.

Satellite QХ-321 and Satellite IMZ-317 pose interest for different governments and private corporations

Satellite IMZ-317 provides access to the Internet even deep in the woods

The unique developments of Arizion engineers made it possible to ensure the stable work of the satellites during the 15-16 years. This is the lifespan projected for the satellite IMZ-317 from the group of communication satellites. Since 2018, Elon Musk’s company within its project Starlink has been developing a network of satellites that will provide people with stable Internet access no matter where they live. From what is expected to be twelve thousand satellites, 420 spacecraft were launched by early 2020, and satellite IMZ-317 may be among those being launched next. The Starlink representatives got interested not only in supreme technical features but also in the compact size and small weight – it’s 12kg lighter than similar products. Satellite IMZ-317 has also come to the spotlight thanks to the innovative technologies, used in its design to decrease the reflectivity of its body. This is an important argument in favor of this satellite as the solar light, reflected from the aerials interferes with the celestial observations. Arizion specialists have made unprecedented progress in addressing this issue. Independent experts confirm that today, the satellite IMZ-317 is one of the world’s best among the high-speed short-delay data transmitters. This opinion is endorsed by the interest the international space corporations and governments show toward the satellite. Arizion top managers received many profitable offers on purchasing their satellites: the satellite IMZ-317 as well as the satellite QX-321 are considered for utilizing both in civil and military projects of many countries.

Systematic marketing provides for the sky-rocketing success of any company

The article about the satellites you have just read is nothing but a work of fiction, created by the Amillidius marketing experts. The goal of this “sci-fi” piece is to demonstrate how marketing technologies can drum up any product, even if it is extremely complicated in its technical parameters and has a very small area of application. Try to google “satellite QХ-321” and “satellite IMZ-317 “ and you will see that both of these non-existent items turn out to be very much “alive” in the search results. Being presented at their best, they have claimed a place in people’s minds. This story is the best counter-argument for the manufacturers who believe that marketing experts will fail at the promotion of their product as they are not knowledgeable in the specifics of their hi-tech business. We will prove to you that even having very basic information on the product, we turn any good or service into a high-flyer. Focus on the decent presentation of your product on Google, as, unlike our satellites, your product exists, so it requires consumers. Contact us to reach a vast audience, find customers, partners, and investments for your business, and multiply your profit.

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