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The Best Fabric Paints to Refresh Your Denim Jacket, Sneakers, and More

The Best Fabric Paints to Refresh Your Denim Jacket, Sneakers, and More


The Best Fabric Paints to Refresh Your Denim Jacket, Sneakers, and More

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Do you have an old denim jacket you’re looking to repurpose or an idea for a mixed-media installation or textile design you can’t get out of your head? If so, you may want to think about investing in some high-quality fabric paint. This paint is formulated not to wash out or fade on cloth, and it’s usually set with an iron to make it permanent. Let us help you find the best fabric paint to suit your needs. Just browse our roundup below.

1. Arteza Permanent Fabric Paint
Arteza’s permanent fabric paint is perfect for use on T-shirts, jeans, bags, shoes, and canvases. This kit includes 24 permanent colors, including gold and silver, and they blend well so you can create lots more. The paints stay soft on cloth and won’t crack or peel even with extensive wear. Arteza fabric paint is quick-drying and nontoxic, and it becomes permanent when you run an iron over it. Another bonus? It’s washing-machine and dryer friendly and won’t fade.

Arteza Permanent Fabric Paint


2. Castle Art Supplies 3D Fabric Paint Set
Looking to add some dimension to your textile? Choose Castle Art Supplies’s fabric paint set of 24 assorted colors. Vibrant and quick-drying, these paints don’t just work on socks, backpacks, T-shirts, and denim, it’s also good for use on wood, glass, and terra-cotta. Squeeze the tube and watch the 3D paint expand and puff up as it dries. For a more painterly aesthetic, this kit also includes 3 bonus paintbrushes.

Castle Art Supplies 3D Fabric Paint Set


3. Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Kit
These fabric paints dry level with your fabric and are formulated to move with the fabric. Although it is stiff after application, it lasts well through the wash and loosens up with time. Tulip also sells an impressive 3D paint if you’re looking for a puffy option.


Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Kit


4. Mont Marte Permanent Fabric Paints
This 12-piece set of Mon Marte permanent fabric paints comes in .7-ounce pots. The paints are easily mixed together to achieve the full spectrum, and you can apply them with a brush, sponge, stencil, or squeegee for screen printing. Washer-safe and nontoxic, this super-smooth paint won’t fade on your textile, and it sets permanently with an iron (place a cloth over the design before you iron). It cleans up easily with warm soapy water while the paint is wet. Don’t apply this paint in layers that are too thick, however, because it may crack.

Mont Marte Permanent Fabric Paints


5. Jacquard Fabric Paints
Jacquard Products’ set of 8 bottles of fabric paint include bright primary and secondary colors. The paint is easy to use, remains soft on fabric, and doesn’t fade. The pigment can be applied with a brush applicator or a stamp, and it shows brilliantly on dark fabrics. Smooth, opaque, and vibrant, this permanent (once set with an iron) paint is a great option for those looking for a high-quality fabric paint.

Jacquard Fabric Paints


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