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The Best Precut Mat Boards for Seamlessly Displaying Your Artwork

The Best Precut Mat Boards for Seamlessly Displaying Your Artwork


The Best Precut Mat Boards for Seamlessly Displaying Your Artwork

A mat board adds polish and protection when displaying artwork, a photograph, or a document in a frame. It not only provides separation between the image and the glass but also acts as a visual border that sets off the image and enhances its appearance. Choosing a precut mat board that fits into a standard-size frame is an easy and affordable alternative to expensive custom framing. Our picks below will help you find the best precut mat board for your at-home framing projects.
1. Golden State Art Picture Mats
Ideal for packaging work for sale or as gifts, this 25-pack of white bevel-cut mats also includes 25 backing boards and 25 clear bags to protect your work from dirt and moisture. The 4-ply, acid-free, 11-by-14-inch mats have a 7.5-by-9.5-inch opening, perfect for 8-by-10-inch photographs. 


Golden State Art Picture Mats


2. Mat Board Center Mats
For mats that bring focus to the framed image, choose these 11-by-14-inch mat boards cut to display an 8-by-10-inch image. Available in a variety of colors the 4-ply, acid-free boards feature a contrasting bright-white beveled edge for a bold, professional finish. This pack of 10 precut mats does not include backer boards. 


Mat Board Center Mats


3. Nielsen Bainbridge Antique White Mat
Featuring Bainbridge’s Artcare technology, this mat is made out of 100% archival rag with an anti-aging liner that filters pollutants and prevents the framed image from fading and discoloration. The museum-quality, double-thick 8-ply mat board is a distinctive antique white with a matching beveled edge, and comes with its own archival mounting board. It fits an 11-by-14-inch frame and has a 5-by-7-inch opening for an extra-wide border that showcases the image.


Nielsen Bainbridge Antique White Mat


4. Roylco Stand-Up Picture Frames
Providing an easy and economical way to display photographs and art projects, these foldable frames can be used horizontally or vertically. The frames are made out of a sturdy white cardboard that can be decorated for added personalization and are great for classroom projects. Designed to stand up on a tabletop or shelf, they measure 7 by 10.5 inches and are cut to display a 4-by-6-inch image. There are 24 in each pack.

Roylco Stand-Up Picture Frames


5. Craig Frames Mat
The Michigan-based framing experts behind Craig Frames get that good framing is an art unto itself—and they encourage customers to reach out for custom-cut mats. They also offer these precut mats, which come in a range of mat and opening sizes and a variety of whites and are an excellent and long-lasting readymade option.


Craig Frames Mat


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