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The New Dosist Store Is As Calming As Its Pens

The New Dosist Store Is As Calming As Its Pens


The New Dosist Store Is As Calming As Its Pens


The pristine flagship in Venice puts the weed in wellness.

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Venice, California — the birthplace of bodybuilding, skateboarding, and Snapcat — has always been a hotbed for new ideas. And that’s why the new dosist store on Abbot Kinney fits right in. 

“I couldn’t think of a better location in the world for an LA-based brand than Abbot Kinney,” says CEO, Gunner Winston. “World-class retail, the creative class that’s here, the number of people who come to this street.” 

More wellness center than weed shop, the dosist store sits proudly among Abbot Kinney’s high-end boutiques and eateries. Concierges greet you at an outdoor, trellised walkway that seems more suited to a Palm Springs spa than a dispensary. A tunnel transitions you from the foot traffic of the busy city street into the serenity of the main space

Designed with a massive assist from Chief Marketing Officer Anne-Marie Dacyshyn, the store’s layout is clean and well lit. Whitewashed maple displays showcase the company’s signature, precision pens. 

Introduced to the market 2016, the pens deliver a pre-measured 2.25 mg dose then vibrate when you’ve inhaled just the right amount. They also betray no judgment if you go back for seconds. Dosist pens were named one of TIME Magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2016, which is pretty impressive considering the honorees included an artificial pancreas. They come in six formulas: Bliss, Sleep, Calm, Relief, Arouse and Passion. 

Dosist has been in California for three years now, and at one point was sold in 250 dispensaries, but Winston has cut back on distribution, favoring customer service over mass consumption. “In retail, there’s so much focus on transactions,” he says, “but for us, it’s really about three things: inspiration, education and engagement. Sales are a distant fourth.” 

He points out that while only one in four people who walk into a Chanel store make a purchase, it’s dosist’s goal “to make sure the other three people have a wonderful experience.” 

To that end, Winston has hired staff from diverse professional backgrounds, such as retail, health care, and personal fitness. “We don’t have commission goals or targets like that, so the whole narrative changes.” 

Winston refers to the employees roaming the store as “guides,” who are there to demystify the world of THC and CBD and explain the benefits of their formulations. “People come to us for solutions,” he says. “It’s about finding solutions to ailments that affect your life. We want to take all of the noise out of the space.”



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