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The Top Three Amazon Advertising Ad Formats to Leverage for Mother’s Day 2019

The Top Three Amazon Advertising Ad Formats to Leverage for Mother's Day 2019


The Top Three Amazon Advertising Ad Formats to Leverage for Mother’s Day 2019


Learn which format is right for you.

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This year, Mother’s Day spending in the United States is expected to reach $25 billion, up from $23.1 billion in 2018. 84 percent of American adults are expected to celebrate their mothers and other women in their lives.  

Consumers plan to purchase tangible gifts like greeting cards, flowers, gift cards, clothing or clothing accessories, jewelry, housewares, books and CDs and consumer electronics, all of which are available for sale on Amazon.

With free two-day shipping on over 100 million items for Prime members, morphing into free one-day shipping, consumers can shop for Mom last minute without breaking a sweat.

If your brand sells to or on Amazon in those categories, you can take advantage of the occasion to promote your products to an eager, high-converting audience using Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Product Display ads.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products ads are triggered by customer searches on Amazon so you can reach customers looking for products like yours. These ads are the number one ad type in the Amazon self-service advertising format, and account for 84 percent of Amazon spend share by format. The ad elements include title, product image, price, reviews and prime badge, if applicable, and are all there to support immediate buying or decision making.

When a shopper clicks on your ad, they’re taken directly to your product detail page. You can somewhat control the experience in the shopper’s journey because you choose which products to advertise, assign keywords to those products, and enter a cost-per-click bid. You pay only when a shopper clicks on your ad, much like Google ads.

If you’re just getting started with product advertising on Amazon, start with Sponsored Products ads.

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Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands ads, available only to brands enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, are also triggered by customer searches on Amazon, but feature up to three products of your choice, along with your logo and a customized headline, and may appear at the top of an Amazon search results page.

Due to their premiere placement and large size, they attain premium eye level promotion on the virtually infinite Amazon product shelf for your brand.

If a shopper clicks on the logo, headline or ad itself, these ads drive shoppers to the respective brand’s Amazon Store or custom landing page.

Clicking on one of the three featured products will take the shopper directly to its respective product detail page. Just like Sponsored Products, you pay only when a shopper clicks on your ad.  

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Product Display Ads

Product Display ads, available only to brands selling directly to Amazon in a first-party vendor relationship, are cost-per-click product or interest-targeted display ads that drive shoppers to your product detail pages.

What makes Product Display ads unique, is that they are displayed based on relevant products or audience interests. Use these to surface either complementary (for example, say you sell coffee makers, use these to offer a coffee grinder if your company makes both) or upgraded products (for example, ‘better’ or ‘best’ products in the same category as a ‘good’ product) within your brand.  

Your Product Display ads may appear on related product detail pages, on search results, at the top of an offer listing page, Amazon customer review pages, or in Amazon-generated merchandising emails such as follow ups and recommendations.  

Now that I have introduced each of the three Amazon Advertising self-service ad formats and their respective qualities and uses, it’s time for you to get one or more of your campaigns going ahead of Mother’s Day 2019.  


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