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Unstick Yourself From the Wall With These Cordless Glue Guns

Unstick Yourself From the Wall With These Cordless Glue Guns


Unstick Yourself From the Wall With These Cordless Glue Guns

As if working with hot glue weren’t cumbersome enough, the last thing you want is a power cord in the way of your crafting. Luckily, there’s a bevy of cordless glue guns on the market. Though they generally come with their own trade-offs—shorter working time, longer heat-up time—a handful of models out there rival their plugged-in cousins in terms of safety and performance. Big or small, battery-powered or rechargeable, these are the five best specimens we’ve come across.
ARTNEWS RECOMMENDSEnertwist 4V Cordless Hot Glue Gun KitWhen it comes to heat-up time, no cordless gun can beat this tour de force. Enertwist’s rubber-grip, anti-drip glue gun heats up in an amazing 15 seconds and can run for more than 30 minutes. For safety, the gun turns off automatically after five minutes of inactivity. When it’s time to recharge, simply plug it in using the USB cord port and let it charge for three to five hours. The kit includes the gun, charging cord, and 20 mini glue sticks.

Enertwist 4V Cordless Hot Glue Gun Kit


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WE ALSO LIKEWorkpro Cordless Hot Glue GunThis gun is another great option that uses mini glue sticks: It heats up in just two minutes and zippily dispenses glue at a rate of 5 grams per minute. Best of all, a two-hour charge gets you nearly the same amount of working time. It’s available in blue and pink, and if you buy the pink model, 20 cents of your purchase goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Like Enertwist’s gun, Workpro’s comes with 20 mini glue sticks and a USB charging cable.

Workpro Cordless Hot Glue Gun


EDUCATORS’ CHOICESurebonder Hybrid 20W Mini Glue GunWe love this ultra-affordable hybrid option. You can work with the gun plugged in or cordless —the latter just requires four AA batteries (not included), which will last you some 45 minutes of active gluing time. Running at one-third the wattage of our other Surebonder pick, this lightweight tool has a built-in stand, reducing clutter in your work area. It uses mini glue sticks, which are sold separately.

Surebonder Hybrid 20W Mini Glue Gun


ANOTHER GOOD CHOICESurebonder Cordless Heavy Duty 60W Glue GunIf mini glue sticks won’t cut it, here’s an option that uses the standard 7/16-inch glue sticks. Surebonder, maker of premium glue guns galore, puts out a no-nonsense cordless option that runs on 60 watts of power, marrying the heft of a corded glue gun with the freedom of a cordless tool. Its recharging base even comes with a drip pad to catch any stray glue dropping from the nozzle. The only drawback: This gun operates for a measly five to seven minutes before having to be returned to its base for reheating. If you have the room, keep the charger close at hand and let the gun warm up again while you’re working.

Surebonder Cordless Heavy Duty 60W Glue Gun


PROFESSIONALS’ CHOICERyobi 18V One+ Cordless Full-Size Glue GunThis popular power tool company also makes one stunning glue gun. Ryobi’s gun boasts an astonishing three-and-a-half-hour battery life—just flick it on and wait three minutes or so until the LED indicator light turns off, and you’ll be ready to glue. This is a full-size gun with the heft of a power drill and a heavy-duty rubber grip to boot. We like that if you already own Ryobi tools with a compatible battery, all you need to buy is the gun itself; otherwise, you’ll have to purchase the full setup. Just be careful: Glue runs out extra-hot on this bad boy.

Ryobi 18V Cordless Full-Size Glue Gun


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