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Which Movie Critics Hate Rom-Coms The Most?

Which Movie Critics Hate Rom-Coms The Most?


Which Movie Critics Hate Rom-Coms The Most?


It’s all about hate… actually. Welcome To HuffPost’s Rom-Com Week.

The critic who hates rom-coms hated “Amelie,” which his colleagues uniformly loved. He thought it was “so sweet it might make you ill.” He loathed “Wimbledon,” which his colleagues mostly liked. He called it “the cinematic equivalent of a careless foot fault.” He liked “Knocked Up,” sure, just not as much as everyone else. “The story line meanders and too many scenes drone on.”

By our calculations no critic hates romantic comedies more than — well, take a look at the table at the bottom of the page, where you can also find the critic who loves rom-coms more than his peers.

Before we get to that, though, a few words about our methodology: Our data was culled from the review aggregator Metacritic. We downloaded as much movie review data as we could get our hands on — which turned out to be 211,914 reviews of 11,124 films. Then, for each film, we worked out its average score based on all of the critic reviews, which Metacritic normalizes on a 1-100 scale (so 5 stars is 100/100, 4 stars is 80/100 and so on).

We then totaled up the average score for each of the genres Metacritics splits movies into. But there was a problem: Metacritic has a “romance” category and a “comedy” category, but no “romantic comedy” category. We could simply look for films that are listed in both, but that doesn’t feel quite right: For instance, “Deadpool” is technically in both categories, but that isn’t anyone’s idea of a rom-com. So instead we assembled a canonical list of rom-coms more or less by hand, around 300 films in all.

There are few questions we can start to answer with this data set. For starters, do critics hate rom-coms as a genre? Our numbers say not really:  

The rom-coms on our canonical list have an average score of 59.321, compared with 53.926 for action films and 56.421 for comedies, the other two pillars of mainstream cinema. Where rom-coms suffer is in comparison to the serious genres, such as dramas, which score 62.5, and documentaries, which have a rather nice 69.977. (The slightly more extreme scores for film noir and adult on both ends of the spectrum shouldn’t be considered too indicative, as Metacritic has only 13 and eight films tagged in each genre, respectively.)

Now for the reviewers: Are there critics out there who are particularly anti-rom-com?

To figure this out, we went through each review we had downloaded and worked out the “distance” in score between that individual review and the film’s average. If a film averaged 80/100, but that individual critic gave the film 60/100, it would have a “distance” of -20. Using this, we then totaled up the average “distance” for each critic across all of their reviews. Call it a generosity rating.

Still following? Great. Because now we have a data set working out which critics are more or less generous than average, for all movies. Picking a random example from the table below (spoiler alert!), A.O. Scott, who reviews movies for The New York Times, on average rates films 1 point higher on the normalized 1-100 scale than the average of all of his colleagues, and Peter Travers, who writes blurb-friendly reviews for Rolling Stone, is a slightly harsher critic, rating films on average 1.69 points lower than the average of all of his colleagues.

But what we want to know about is what critics think of rom-coms. What we needed to do was also work out each critic’s generosity rating for rom-coms specifically.

To do this, we took our list of around 300 HuffPost-chosen rom-coms again. We then calculated a generosity rating for each critic based on their reviews from just this pool of rom-coms.

So now we know each critic’s average distance for all reviews, and for this pool of rom-coms specifically. Working out who hates rom-coms the most and who likes them the most is simply a case of taking one average away from the other.

Check out the table below for results. It’s filtered to critics who have reviewed at least 50 of the films on our rom-com list — the higher up on the table they are, the more they love rom-coms relative to other films; the lower down, the more they hate them.

According to our model, The Baltimore Sun’s Chris Kaltenbach is the “Amelie”-hating rom-com grouch. And David Sterritt, The Christian Science Monitor’s critic from 1968 until 2005, is the rom-com lover. Notably, he judged “Alex & Emma” to be “diverting fun” while most of his colleagues wished the film had been diverted into the sun.

What does all of this mean? Who knows. But let’s face it, whatever the critics say, you’re going to watch “Love Actually” again this Christmas anyway.

Critic NameAll FilmsRom-coms OnlyRom-com Disparity
David Sterritt-0.3621286.26855-6.63068
Nathan Rabin2.897579.26655-6.36898
Manohla Dargis3.110348.71344-5.6031
Michael Sragow0.3087995.81774-5.50894
Robert Wilonsky9.1657414.2933-5.12756
Joe Morgenstern6.0317611.0475-5.01574
Marjorie Baumgarten4.983328.19326-3.20994
Kirk Honeycutt-1.467151.67574-3.14289
Lou Lumenick2.518115.65847-3.14036
Stephen Holden0.7787313.76456-2.98583
Richard Corliss-0.2355182.49513-2.73065
Stephanie Zacharek0.4151012.99729-2.58219
Kenneth Turan-2.61742-0.67015-1.94727
Peter Travers-1.691980.195647-1.88763
Michael Wilmington-8.31422-6.44003-1.87419
Keith Phipps2.304754.12029-1.81554
Steve Persall-4.2491-2.50854-1.74056
Lisa Schwarzbaum-5.70208-4.01237-1.68971
Lawrence Toppman-1.6152-0.0726571-1.54254
Dave Kehr4.696176.23093-1.53476
Jonathan Rosenbaum4.536226-1.46378
Peter Rainer0.2633021.68362-1.42032
Ella Taylor1.158472.45123-1.29276
Ann Hornaday2.069333.34191-1.27258
Desson Thomson3.075463.97415-0.89869
Roger Moore0.8190971.40597-0.586873
Rick Groen2.33712.87622-0.53912
Maitland McDonagh2.410982.91769-0.50671
Kimberley Jones4.710975.01697-0.306
J.R. Jones2.739112.94514-0.20603
Marc Savlov5.817736.01181-0.19408
Todd McCarthy0.3573220.514824-0.157502
Bill Goodykoontz-2.63232-2.47785-0.15447
Roger Ebert-8.66936-8.66339-0.00597
Richard Schickel0.7903220.7722870.018035
Michael O’Sullivan1.265481.186720.07876
Shawn Levy-4.05656-4.364780.30822
Connie Ogle-0.961442-1.318930.357488
Owen Gleiberman-4.8065-5.174090.36759
Dana Stevens1.553711.079610.4741
Jay Carr-5.22688-5.738420.51154
A.O. Scott1.020230.3615340.658696
Ty Burr-0.738189-1.414910.676721
Claudia Puig-3.3025-4.153250.85075
Elvis Mitchell-4.49922-5.600611.10139
Liam Lacey1.672270.1658691.5064
Jack Mathews-0.155872-1.787511.63164
Elizabeth Weitzman2.824731.109621.71511
David Edelstein2.588720.8481691.74055
Mike Scott3.716991.972691.7443
David Ansen-1.15989-2.990731.83084
Lisa Alspector3.108161.258631.84953
Mick LaSalle0.303063-1.597711.90077
Sean Axmaker-6.00019-7.983411.98322
James Berardinelli-4.40226-6.448912.04665
William Arnold-5.2168-7.469782.25298
Kevin Thomas-10.6051-12.97052.3654
Steven Rea-6.26394-8.722622.45868
Mike Clark-2.20307-4.995212.79214
Stephen Hunter3.473650.5277242.94593
Rita Kempley4.241031.044193.19684
Susan Wloszczyna-2.08601-5.322053.23604
Scott Tobias1.50276-1.768573.27133
Jami Bernard-0.642059-4.065163.4231
Michael Phillips-1.01832-4.570193.55187
Wesley Morris-0.269902-4.009953.74005
Rene Rodriguez1.5379-2.552034.08993
Carrie Rickey-5.68447-10.31384.62933
Chris Kaltenbach-5.1323-10.34815.2158


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