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Why Knowing Your Personal Currency Can Help You Make an Impact

Why Knowing Your Personal Currency Can Help You Make an Impact


Why Knowing Your Personal Currency Can Help You Make an Impact

Jessica Abo sits down with this CEO to talk about how next-gen philanthropists are working with social entrepreneurs from around the world.

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Rachel Gerrol, the CEO and co-founder of Nexus, says she helped start an international community of next gen philanthropists, impact investors and social entrepreneurs from the world’s most influential families to help people make a greater impact.

“We gather the community every other month at a summit in a different region around the world and our flagship event, a global summit, is held to connect it with the United Nations each July. We want to inspire people to share their passion for social impact with one another and hopes that we’ll be able to scale scope solutions across countries,” she tells Entrepreneur Network partner Jessica Abo.

Gerrol believes everybody has a “currency,” and what you know what yours is, it’s easier to see what you have to offer and where you need support.

“Some people’s currency is money,” Gerrol says. “Some is the influence … some people’s currency is their time or their skillsets, but everyone has something to lend. When you realize that those skills, talents, money or influence can accelerate someone else’s passions and change in the world, then you have a responsibility to donate and to figure out how you can make the most of what you have.” 

Gerrol’s global summit will take place at the United Nations from July 25th-27th. Click play to hear more. 

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