Why This Wellness CEO Celebrates Trying New Things and Letting Go of Perfection

Why This Wellness CEO Celebrates Trying New Things and Letting Go of Perfection

The entrepreneur and runner discusses a few lessons he’s learned over time.

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Business Rockstars speaks with Kurt Seidensticker, the CEO of Vital Proteins. 

Seidensticker talks about how as an avid runner, he saw his body struggle to recover after he hit a certain age. That realization led him to look into the chemistry of his body. Upon discovering a new category of protein suitable to package into an edible powder, Seidensticker encountered an opportunity to pursue a new entrepreneurial project. 

The CEO also stresses avoiding perfection. The Vital Proteins exec points out that many perfectionists often can’t move forward and should try many things to see what works. 

Click the video to hear more. 

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