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Woman denounces a restaurant in Mexico City’s Zócalo for scam

Woman denounces a restaurant in Mexico City's Zócalo for scam


Woman denounces a restaurant in Mexico City’s Zócalo for scam

They charged him 1,540 pesos for three hamburgers without telling him that it included different services.

4, 2021

2 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

On June 1, a woman arrived with her children at the Mirador del Zócalo restaurant. She says that since she saw the menu, she considered that the prices were very high, but as usual in tourist places, she decided to accept it. The original price of what I had ordered was 850 pesos, but when the bill arrived the cost was almost doubled. When he asked to explain the error in the amount, one of the waiters told him that the service was included, a host cover and a cover per person (which they clearly did not inform him before entering the restaurant). The lady insisted that she was not going to pay for something that was not her due, but the workers there began to intimidate her. In the post he shared, he says, “They got a bit heavy on me and I feared for the integrity of myself and my children.” He had no choice but to pay what was being asked of him, but he managed to take a picture of the ticket to expose his discontent. He also mentions that he was made an exrta that when he tried to google the restaurant, nothing appeared and that the waiters did not bring uniforms, so he believes that it is not an official establishment. The lady plans to report the Mirador del Zócalo to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for Consumers (Profeco), as she writes on Facebook . His original post already has 8.4 thousand likes and 11 thousand comments and has been shared 69 thousand times, at the time of this publication. Has it happened to you? What would you do in a similar case?

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