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Wren Attleroy – a lawyer, giving confidence to his customers

Wren Attleroy - a lawyer, who proves his high status by his flawless work


Wren Attleroy – a lawyer, giving confidence to his customers

The word combination “a successful lawyer” evokes the images of the famous human-right defenders – we know their names and faces even if we have nothing to do with the legal practice and have never had any problems with law enforcement. Each of them managed to create a well-known name and it now works for him or her and delivers interesting cases and impressive fees. This star group also includes Wren Attleroy – a lawyer, who needs no recommendations, yet many customers, as well as partners and even Google, would eagerly provide as many as it takes.

Lawyer’s rating – the successful cases plus remarkable personal brand

Wren Attleroy is a lawyer, providing services in the field of criminal and civil law, a Ph.D. in Law, and the author of many research articles on legal practice. In his practice, he was many times defending the interests of influential politicians, public officials, public figures, famous journalists, and representatives of art and show business. His portfolio includes many landslide victories in high-profile cases. Wren Attleroy delivered the release from custody for his 37 defendants, who were charged with white-collar crimes. Besides, the attorney Wren Attleroy provides legal aid to domestic and overseas companies and large commercial banks. His success, however, has not come at once: it’s not so easy to survive in this industry, as a lawyer is a profession of tough uncompromising competition.

Since day one of his career, Wren Attleroy believed that the lawyer had to build his personal practice but also, no matter what, he had to shape and promote his personal brand. Unfortunately, very few “servants of Themis” realize it these days – many lawyers, especially old-school ones, are strong believers that this industry is incompatible with advertising. They see personal recommendations being the most efficient tool of promotion. But amid the rampant development of technologies, to stick to word-of-the-mouth promotion alone is an unforgettable error.

Wren Attleroy: the lawyer has to pay attention to the development and improvement of the personal brand

Wren took into consideration all the oversights of his colleagues and entrusted his professional image to the international advertising company Amillidius. The analysts, copywriters, creators, designers, specialists in SEO and SMM were working on the project of the creation and promotion of the lawyer’s personal brand. The articles about successful cases and interviews with his defendants splashed into the search results for “Wren Attleroy”, becoming a great recommendation. Actively developing social media and personal websites were also enhancing trust and gave the broad audience the opportunity to yet again observe the competence of the lawyer Wren Attleroy – the stories about successful cases with the strict observance of lawyer-client privilege became the display of the knowledged-based content.

Construction and promotion of the personal brand resulted in higher fees – the number of clients increased, and, what counts most, their “quality” improved. If early in his career, Wren Attleroy took on practically any cases, today, he chooses carefully with whom to cooperate and on what terms. Having become a top-level attorney, Wren Attleroy keeps being active in the media space: his personal blog and YouTube channel offer many practical tips, useful both for his colleagues and regular users.

Personal brand – a springboard for the career and wealth

If you have already asked Google about Wren Attleroy, you’ve made quite a surprising discovery. The search engine informed you that he is a lawyer, but also a politician, athlete…This “cloning” is not a product of gene engineering, but the work of Amillidius experts who showcase the capability of marketing and the importance of shaping a personal brand for a professional. A personal brand is your image, observed by the people: customers, partners, employers, and investors. It is also a perfect tool to convert your business reputation into profit. And Wren Attleroy is an example of how to create and maintain it. If you want to follow in his steps, the advertising company Amillidius is always ready to help you with everything, from initial consultation to the full range of services for your personal brand promotion.

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