YITU Technology 2019 Disruptor 50

YITU Technology 2019 Disruptor 50

By 2018 the company’s technology was being used in more than 20 provincial public security bureaus in over 300 cities. Today its AI technologies are utilized in industries such as public safety, health care, banking and retail.

In the banking space, it is enabling facial recognition and is expanding to help cities digitize data such as traffic patterns, energy supply information and infrastructure development. Now the company plans to move even further afield. In January YITU launched its first international office in Singapore so that it could serve Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and the Oceania regions.

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It is also making breakthroughs in health care. Last year it released what it claims is the world’s first AI-based cancer-screening solution for lung and other cancers

The company has raised more than $400 million from investors, such as China Industrial Asset Management, ICBC International Holdings and Sequoia Capital. It’s valued at $2 billion.

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