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You will spend 76,500 hours, that is, almost 9 years of your life, using your mobile device, according to a study

You will spend 76,500 hours, that is, almost 9 years of your life, using your mobile device, according to a study


You will spend 76,500 hours, that is, almost 9 years of your life, using your mobile device, according to a study

Research conducted by WhistleOut found that people spend an approximate of almost 9 years looking at their smartphone screen.

24, 2020

4 min read

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Smartphones are part of our day to day, so we spend a large part of our time using them. With this in mind, WhistleOut conducted a study that found that people spend an approximate average of 9 years looking at the screen of their mobile device. That said, people spend a little over 76,500 hours of their lives staring at a cell phone screen, roughly 8.74 years, according to research. This is stimulated since the approximate age of a user to obtain a smartphone is 10 years and the user uses it on average 3.07 hours daily. The WistleOut research was conducted with a sample of 1,000 users of different ages and released the usage trends according to each of the generations found. Millennials were found to spend the majority of their time on their mobile devices, an average of 3.7 hours per day. Generation X reports 3 hours of daily use and boomers 2.5 hours per day. To know more: Smartphones as a work tool Image: How not to exceed the time on the smartphone? Smartphones are undoubtedly part of our day to day, however, excesses are not recommended and time in front of the screen should be limited. According to the National Sleep Foundation of the United States, it is advisable to leave a 30 minute free time of mobile devices before going to sleep. You can choose to use the night mode to reduce the effects of the screen, some social networks have this option available, it helps improve sleep and reduces the risk in sight. Taking the above into account, it is also good to use applications that help you measure the time you spend on your mobile devices and thus you will be able to limit it. Now, the new phones have a daily and weekly report in which they tell you how much time you spend using it and which applications you use the most. In the same way you can deactivate the sound of notifications, since one ends up grabbing the mobile every time it rings and it stays there for hours. Many times those notifications are not as important as we think. Avoid spending a lot of time in our day on social networks. When an important task is being carried out and in the course of entering a social network, time flies by and when you realize it you did not do anything productive in your day. So so that this does not happen you can uninstall the applications that take up a lot of time from your day and if you want to make use of these, enter from your computer when you have free time. Place the most important applications on the desktop of your smartphone, in this way you will not waste a lot of time searching the application drawers to make use of them. Eliminate those that you do not use and those that are essential for your tasks have them on hand, so you will not be tempted to use others that are not essential for you and only take away valuable time.

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